The Premium Magic Store

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Discover The Premium Magic Store in the Netherlands – your ultimate magic supply haven! With thousands of captivating products in stock, from classic tricks to cutting-edge props, we cater to magic enthusiasts of all levels. Our knowledgeable staff welcomes you to explore a world of wonder and enhance your magical journey. Experience the art of illusion like never before – visit us today!

Owned by the same creators as Green Lemon, you’ll find all Green Lemon items available here, adding a touch of magic to your shopping experience.


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Elevate your magic with meticulously handcrafted close-up pads and tables by Vorst&Bosch. Designed for magicians, our brand offers premium accessories that enhance your performances. Each pad and table is meticulously crafted to provide a perfect surface for your tricks, adding a touch of sophistication to your close-up magic. From intimate gatherings to professional shows, Vorst&Bosch products ensure smooth card handling and flawless effects. 

Discover the fusion of craftsmanship and magic – explore Vorst&Bosch’s range and elevate your magical endeavors.

Green Lemon

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Green Lemon is an exciting evolution that stems from The Premium Magic Store. This new endeavor sprouted from owner Sven Bosch’s desire to bring these fresh magical concepts to the international stage. Sven’s passion for magic and his knack for creative thinking led him to establish Green Lemon as a platform to showcase and share his groundbreaking ideas with the world.

In collaboration with fellow magicians, Sven introduces some of the most exciting concepts to the market.