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Welcome to Green Lemon!

We are a brand-new company that has just opened its doors in the captivating world of the magic industry. Although we are newcomers to the scene, we are brimming with passion and ambition to make a lasting impression. As we stand at the beginning of this exciting journey, we are exceptionally proud to present our very first releases to the public. Allow yourself to be enchanted by what Green Lemon has to offer and discover the magic that we’ve crafted with so much care and dedication.

Let’s meet

Our team

At the core of Green Lemon is our amazing team. We are dreamers, builders, and magic enthusiasts just like you. We put our heart and soul into every piece we craft. 

Sven Bosch

Head creator • Product developer

Patrick Jason

Head designer • Product developer

Danique Boer

Product developer • Social Media

Wessel Kort

Product developer • Event Sales Associate

“When life gives you lemons, make magic”

– Green lemon

Green Lemon

Emerging from the team of Vorst&Bosch and The Premium Magic Store, Green Lemon was founded as a testament to innovation and progress. After running a successful magic store in the Netherlands for three years, the owner, Sven, harbored ambitious ideas he wanted to introduce to the international market. This ambition and vision led to the inception of Green Lemon.

Driven by his vision and passion, Green Lemon is dedicated to developing fun and refreshing tricks tailored to the modern magician. It’s a brand that brings innovation and a breath of fresh air, and each trick is a testament to a commitment to quality and creativity.

The name ‘Green Lemon’ was deliberately chosen, symbolizing an unripe fruit that holds immense potential for growth and development. Much like the fruit, our brand represents the promise of evolution, always seeking to reach its fullest potential and flavor. Moreover, the lemon has deep roots in classic magic, evident in timeless tricks such as ‘bill to lemon’. This duality reinforces our commitment to blending tradition with innovation.



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